Alta – Isnestoften Coastal battery 4/514 (World War II)

At Isnestoften there was a battery which, together with the Storekorsnes battery (over the fjord), formed the inner line of the coastal intersection of Altafjorden with side feathers.

The battery’s task was to block the entrance to Altafjorden and Langfjorden.

The battery support point was entered

3 pcs. Guns (Russian) in Fieldm. Jobs. Shot width 17,000 meters
2 pieces of air defense cannons
2 pcs 5 cm armor guns
6 pcs mg./mitr
2 headlights

During shooting of warnings against German ships that did not respond to calls from Isnestoften during passage into Altafjorden, one of the main shooters exploded. Several of the gun service was killed.

Isnestoften was also an important barrier in connection with the landlord’s attack from the Langfjord and was therefore also highly infantimed. In total, there were 1540 mines in the area of ​​which 860 personnel and 680 were fighting. Miner.

The battery (4/514) belonging to the naval coastal artillery was built in 1941. The plant was blown in the autumn of 1944 and the battery moved to Rishaugen near Stamsund.

The battery power was about 100 man. In addition, it was stationed an infantry force of approx. company size in the area. Here too, a prison camp was established, both for German desertors and Russian prisoners of war.

Source: Th. Gamst. Finnmark under Hakekorset.